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ISCN.Academy is the premier knowledge and streaming platform that offers supply chain executives a unique opportunity to learn and gain valuable insights from other experienced supply chain professionals and experts. With a wide range of expert-led content offered through Augmented Interviews and Masterclasses, ISCN.Academy is the go-to resource for the Supply Chain Executive looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the field of supply chain management. ISCN.Academy delivers content in a variety of media formats, such as videos enriched with information tickers and bullets, podcasts, and easy-to-read articles.

The Augmented Interview

ISCN.Academy publishes annually 8 to 10 interviews with prominent supply chain leaders and executives who share their insights, best practices, and strategies on relevant topics. 


The interviews are conducted and edited by supply chain expert Alex Van Breedam to ensure a consistent and high quality.



The user with a Subscription gets access to Augmented Interviews in three different formats:


  • Audio of 20-25 minutes
  • Documented interview 
  • Streaming online or offline listening in Storyboard Podcast App


  • Video of 40-45 minutes
  • Comprehensive interview with ticker of statements and takeaways
  • Section Play button


  • Video of 6 to 8 minutes
  • Concise summary of full interview
  • Key statements in margin
  • Presented by interviewee

The Masterclass

The ISCN.Academy releases yearly 8 to 10 in-depth expert analyses on topics relevant to the supply chain industry. Each year is concluded with an annual overview.


For its analyses the ISCN.Academy can appeal to a dedicated team of practitioners, academic and other experts and master students in supply chain management from multiple universities and business schools.  


The user with a Subscription gets access to the Masterclasses in three different formats:


  • Audio of 15 to 25 minutes
  • Presented by expert
  • Streaming online or offline listening in Storyboard Podcast 


  • Complete report of the analysis
  • Easy readable format
  • Key statements and takeaways


  • Video of 15 to 25 minutes
  • Presented by expert
  • With key statements and takeaways
  • Section Play button

The right Context

The  Augmented Interviews and the Masterclass available on ISCN.Academy are structured in three ways to help users better understand the content. Firstly, they are presented from a chronological perspective on the Supply Chain Timeline, which started on January the 1st, 2020 and is continuously updated with new content, including relevant news and events. Secondly, they are positioned on the Supply Chain Map to give insight into the distinct actors’ roles in local, regional and global supply chain configurations. Thirdly, they are organized in the Supply Chain Repository, which serves as a comprehensive catalog of all Augmented Interviews and Masterclasses available on the ISCN.Academy platform. It allows users to easily search for content using keywords and sort the list based on various criteria. In short, it provides an efficient way for users to look for and access relevant information.


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Although relevant for each and every supply chain executive, from its origins, the ISCN.Academy keeps a certain geographical focus on the Rhine-Scheldt Delta. This logistics top region covers the northern part of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and the western part of Germany. This area is world renowned for its logistics and distribution capabilities and it is a host for many European distribution activities and wordclass best practices in supply chain and logistics.


ISCN.Academy was initially conceived and developed in the post-covid period by a team led by Alex Van Breedam, disruptive entrepreneur, academic and expert in logistics and supply chain management. Alex developed the ISCN Academy platform as his legacy, bringing together more than 30 years of knowledge, know-how, experience and networking. The ISCN.Academy platform was launched in June 2023.


ISCN.Academy has setup collaborations with esteemed organizations within the supply chain industry. These strategic partnerships underscore ISCN.Academy’s commitment to providing exceptional value and comprehensive resources to all supply chain professionals.


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